Dear Friends

Greetings, Saints of God,

This Sunday we will commemorate All Saints’ Day, and I will be reflecting upon John 11:32-44 – The Raising of Lazarus. Many think of the veneration of the canonized saints who we martyred long ago. If you haven’t been to Saint Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco to see the “Dancing Saints” mural, you are missing out on a treat. It is an icon of “the saints – ranging from traditional figures like King David, Teresa of Avila, and Frances of Assisi to unorthodox and non-Christian people like Malcolm X and Anne Frank – represent musicians, artists, mathematicians, martyrs, scholars, mystics, lovers, prophets, and sinners from all times, from many faiths and backgrounds.”  If those walls could talk! You can also visit online at The Dancing Saints – St. Gregory of Nyssa (

In addition to the classic saints, I believe in the modern saints, the saints alive and from our personal lives. I invite you to bring a photo or memento for the altar this Sunday as we explore what it is to be a saint in this world.

I look forward to seeing each of you.

With love,
Rev. Michael Cronin

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