New Beginnings Update

We did it! It is difficult to see in print, but as the chairperson of the New Beginnings committee, I am breathing a huge sigh of relief as we successfully completed the renovation work of our sanctuary ceiling and carpeting.

We all hope that you are pleased with our new look, feel and sound. The ceiling work started immediately after the last day of the preschool and was completed in time for school to start. A very tight schedule and we have successfully minimized the impact to our school.

The project included all new lights, insulation and drywall. We have a fresh coat of paint and of course finally new carpet. A major milestone has been met and we are very pleased!

We thank you for the strong support that we continue to receive from the congregation. Your gifts and good thoughts are greatly appreciated.  We still have some major milestones ahead for seating and cabinetry, but we hope that you invite friends and family to share in the new look created by our New Beginnings.

Paul Bade

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