Our waiting is almost over!

Greetings, People of Advent,

Our waiting is almost over. In our hopes, we continue to look at the wilderness within, prepare the way, seek joy – and now we are called to open our hearts in love. You already know how to do that.

Each time we come together in community prayer, we open and share the contents of our hearts to God and to each other. It is an act of love. Last week, in addition to all of our other prayers of the heart, Ed Grohe lifted up a prayer for those affected by the tornadoes; two were former members of the congregation, Richard and Ronna in Edwardsville, Illinois. Jan Grohe forwarded as a follow-up to our prayers a note from Richard and Ronna (edited here): 

“We’re all fine but our garage door was a casualty…. The house two doors down from us is uninhabitable. A tree fell on a house around the corner from us but it was empty…. We dodged a bullet…thanks be to God!”

This was a joyful moment of Joy Sunday.

This Love Sunday, we welcome Peninsula Multifaith Coalition president and friend of Island United, Diane Fahrner. Diane will reflect upon Luke 1:39-55, which contains Mary’s subversive song known as “The Magnificat.” Mary in her love gave us the gift of love. And Diane believes Mary’s song is our song.

Whether in-person or on zoom, I invite you to join us as we walk that much closer to Christmas.


Rev. Michael Cronin

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