Pray Their Names Dedication Ceremony

Sunday, October 11, 3-3:30 pm, Island United Church

You are invited to attend the dedication ceremony for the Pray Their Names exhibit. This is an installation of 160 hearts in our churchyard commemorating the lives of Black people who have been killed in the United States in recent years, many as a result of police brutality. Some are historical figures as well. Special thanks to the Ring family, Tim Luca, and Paul Bade for all their work installing the exhibit.

This is a socially distanced ceremony. Please wear a mask and observe social distancing of six feet. The ceremony will include a reading of the names, as well as a special acknowledgement of Chinedu Okobi who was killed by police using tasers in San Mateo County two years ago this week. Clergy will offer interfaith prayers, It is one way we say that Black Lives Matter You are welcome to visit the installation at any time this month. Walk among the hearts; say the names out loud. To learn the entire story of the Pray Their Names exhibit, visit .

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