The Waiting is Over

Merry Christmas, People of God,

We have done it. We have come through the season of Advent. Christmas is so close we can feel it. We have prepared the way for the mysterious arrival of the Messiah – our Savior and Liberator. God enfleshed.

We have come through one doozy of a year. Though we will be experiencing the ramifications of all that has happened for some time, we are filled with God’s hope, peace, joy, and love. I was comparing my calendar this past week to last year’s. This time last year, I had reflected upon the Magnificat at your Zoom gathering, and this year we will be celebrating Christmas together. God does work in mysterious ways.

I pray that you are as excited to come together, be it in person or on Zoom, as I. Let’s celebrate the arrival of a new world and a new time. Good things are ahead of us.

With love,

Rev. Michael Cronin

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