Attracting Millenials

Social Media is quite the thing these days.  Checking Facebook with the morning coffee, an afternoon sandwich, and perhaps twelve other times during the day seems to be more and more the norm for computer savvy/app savvy people, especially Millennials.  Facebook has all kinds of stuff on it: what people are doing, pictures of social events, grandchildren, (a favorite with the over fifty crowd), words to live by, my Meditation Moment is posted on there too.  Last week I even chronicled my trip to Connecticut on Facebook.  There are games, causes to support this and that, quizzes and so many more things.  People post all kinds of stuff like this, (one of my favorites),  

When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead… it is only difficult for others. It is the same when you are stupid.

Why is Facebook important?  Most Millennials do not remember a time before the internet.  They grew up on social media and are called “digital natives.”  It is not something extra to their life; it is a place they live their life. Three out of four have created a profile on a social networking site. With it, they connect with friends (some of whom they’ve never met in person), communicate with the world, and check out your church.  If you have not established a web or social media presence, they have assumed you are not interested in relating to them.

As we focus on reaching out to younger families, it would be good for us to consider how they communicate.  I am sure if Paul were around today, his pulpit would certainly involve social media.

Think about it…

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