Beginning Again


This time last year, we had just returned to the sanctuary after the round of COVID that asked us to stay home for another three months and social distance. I had started October 4, 2021, and we had four months of slowly coming back together. It was a new experience for all of us. I learned Island United traditions through trial and error followed by kind words of grace. It has been an exciting time coming together with you and getting to know you.

Here we are a year out, and we are still settling into a new groove. We are still figuring out what post-COVID church looks like. Some congregants have moved and not returned. We have new friends and members of the congregation. I believe there is a lot of promise.

And in that promise of renewal, we are constantly being asked, “Do we truly believe in new beginnings? What do we need to let go of, and what do we need to embrace?” These are some of the honest questions that we will be looking at this week to move deeper into faith and mission. 

This week we look at John 3:1-17 and meet Nicodemus, a Pharisee and keeper of Jewish law. Having met Jesus and seeing him in action, he has questions. He brings them to Jesus in the dark of night.

The IUCFC website states that “our calling is to be an inclusive family of God in this particular place and time. We believe that bold and faithful living involves seeking and questioning, not dogmatic answers. Bring your doubts – this is the tradition of the United Church of Christ. We hunger for spiritual experience. We don’t check our brains at the door, we open our hearts in love.” To paraphrase Dr. Seuss, we come with our heads full of brains and shoes full of feet…in embodied love.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday at 10 am, be it on Balclutha or Zoom. Invite a friend to the journey.

Let the caravan begin,
Rev. Michael Cronin

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