Beloved Community,

This week’s scriptural text is Act 2:42-47. Verse 42 starts with: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ instructions and the communal life, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” When we say “YES” to God’s call, we have infinite opportunities to expand our idea of community.

Last week, I wrote to you as I began a “YES” journey. This “YES” might possibly be one of the most profound experiences of my life. I was one of four melanin-deficient, aka “white people”, and two identified queer people in a cohort of 35 faith leaders that made a pilgrimage to Birmingham/Montgomery/Selma, Alabama, with an eye on history and current civil rights organizing. This “YES” created a new community from an intersection of California – Sacramento, Stockton, Oakland, the SF Peninsula, and Los Angeles areas. We spent an intense 3-1/2 days looking at what organizing community looked and looks like. We broke bread together, prayed, and a new community of love was created.

As in Scripture, awe abounded. I am so grateful for this experience. I hope that I will be able to share some of this experience with you over time.

Island United has been a community of love that has drawn an intersection of people for nearly 60 years. How cool is that? Let’s continue to expand our community of love.

I look forward to being with you in person on Balclutha or on Zoom at 10 am this Sunday. Tell a friend! Bring a friend!

Rev. Michael Cronin

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