Dear Friends

I want to remind you that a group of us gathers every Thursday at 7 pm online for “check-in” and prayer. If you send us prayer requests, we will include them in our meeting. I hope you’ll join us in person. We usually are online for 45 minutes or so. This is your invitation!

We’re starting a new book next Tuesday at 1:30 pm. Each week we gather for an hour or so and work our way through something. There are a few copies of Sue Monk Kidd ‘s The Book of Longings available in a little box by my outside office door. It’s also available quickly and and easily online. Join us!

This Sunday I will preach on Mathew 22:15-22, wherein Jesus engages the thorny and sometimes divisive topic of politics and religion. Last week I preached via Zoom at United Church of Big Rapids in my home state of Michigan. It’s a union church, like ours; in this case Presbyterian and UCC. The pastor is a former student of mine, JT Hills. Years before he ended up in my church at Pacific School of Religion, he and his sister went to church at the church in San Francisco where I was the pastor. I have known him since he was ten years old and have baptized both of his and his wife Kelse’s children. JT will be our guest preacher on Sunday, October 25, for Reformation Day. Here is a link to the service in Big Rapids, including my sermon

I want to thank everyone who helped with Pray Their Names on Sunday. It was our largest outdoor gathering in quite a while, while still socially distanced. Friends from Unitarian and UCC churches especially from around Northern California joined, although several other faiths were represented. Also friends from the NAACP and from the Foster City council were present. Around 40 gathered altogether. The emotional and spiritual highlight was hearing directly from Akaba Okobi, who appealed to us not to forget what had been done to her son. Thank you to Ed, Brian, Paul, Sophie, Alexis, Denzel, Tim, Rowe, Elisabeth (I know I’m missing some) and everyone else. Neighbors have been generally appreciative; I spoke to only one who objected. Be sure to visit the installation before it leaves at the end of the month.

We are planning a great Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas. Plan now to tune in on December 24 at 6 pm, and invite your family members and friends from around the country to be with us too. Hope to see you Sunday!

Rev. Jim Mitulski

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