Dear Friends

Please join us for a special Communion Service this Sunday in honor of All Saints and All Souls Day. I will preach on Revelation 7:9-17 and 1 Corinthians 4:7-11, 16 and 5:1-5. My sermon title is “When We ALL Get to Heaven” and will also reflect on this section of the Nicene Creed.

     I believe in the Holy Ghost,
     the holy catholic Church,
     the communion of saints,
     the forgiveness of sins,
     the resurrection of the body,
     and the life everlasting.

I am sustained by a firm belief in the afterlife, though you may not share this belief. Whatever your beliefs, come celebrate the people who have had an effect on you, and whom we revere as Christians as “saints.” Some are known to others. Some may be known to you alone. All live eternally in the heart and memory of God, and in ours, too.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Rev. Jim Mitulski

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