Dear Friends

These are the words from Rev. Steven Charleston (Native American Elder and Retired Episcopal Bishop):

“I know you are tired. I know you are worried. The path ahead seems certain in only one respect, that it will not be easy. If we have learned anything through the night, it is how sharply we are divided, a margin so close as to cut our hopes in half. What comfort can I give you but this invitation to gather beneath the sheltering arms of the Spirit. The door through which we passed was so narrow. The path ahead seems narrower still.

“But before a single step is taken, before another drama begins, let the wings of the Spirit enfold you, protecting you from all danger, restoring your soul to the very core of who you are. Rest before the journey resumes. Rest and be renewed. Your courage has carried you this far. Let your faith take you that one step farther. Our search continues. Our hearts united. Our trust in love unbroken.”

This is our prayer invitation for this week: “May the wings of the Spirit enfold us, restoring our soul”.

Please join us this Sunday, as we gather together for worship, prayer, and reflection. I look forward to seeing all of you!

Rev. Elisabeth Middelberg

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