The world appears to be in turmoil. There are struggles abroad and at home.  It seems that these are unprecedented times. However, if you reflect upon life, you will notice that there was “always something.” I think about my own lifetime: John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert F Kennedy, Malcolm X, Leo Ryan, Harvey Milk & George Moscone, Oscar Romero, and so many more assassinations, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Vietnam, Watergate, Iran hostages, gas shortages and droughts, energy crises, global weather events, AIDS, COVID….

We each have our own litany.

What brings me comfort?  A sense of home: we each have our own definition. I know the privilege of having my familial and church homes. We know that there are many who have no home – literally and figuratively.

For decades, many of you have made Island United your spiritual home. There are some who have left, some who have returned, some yet to come.  In John 14:2, Jesus says, “In God’s house there are many dwelling places; otherwise, how could I have told you that I was going to prepare a place for you?” Island United is just one of the dwelling places in God’s house. And there has always been plenty of room.

This Sunday, as we celebrate the first in-person Homecoming in a while, I invite you to extend the welcome and celebration. Who could be invited back home? Who could be invited to find a home? Let’s draw the circle wide. In fact, let’s remove any barrier to community and God’s love.

All love,
Rev. Michael Cronin

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