Honor Labor


Well, here we are. Labor Day. I looked at the calendar of events and found all sorts of festivities happening about town. I have received flyers encouraging me to take advantage of all the savings on all the sales of things I don’t need. As of today, it looks like Monday will be a perfect day for a barbeque picnic in Golden Gate Park. Sunday will be the last time you see my white bucks until Memorial Day 2023.

And what about Labor?

The Federal Holiday we know today, granted 128 years ago, started as a movement. Much like Christianity, the movement was an inspiration to bring a change for good, lifting up and championing those being marginalized by oppressive systems. In both cases, people gave up their very lives in order to break down what is toward something to be created new.

In Luke 14:33 Jesus says, “In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples.”

What does that mean today in 2022? I invite you to join us, in person or on Zoom, this Sunday at 10 am as we look at Luke 14:25-33 and Jesus’s call to discipleship.

Carry on!
Rev. Michael Cronin

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