Beloveds –

It seems that we’ve had a series of “mama said there’ll be days like this” lately. Last Saturday we had the hate crime shooting at Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo; Sunday, the Geneva Presbyterian Church shooting in Laguna Woods; the baby formula shortage; the ongoing war in Ukraine; not to mention the heinous responses by certain politicians and television personalities. It can be too much and make us want to hole up and hide away from the world, rendering us to a state of “I just can’t.”

I was particularly touched last Sunday when Alexis expressed her sadness and anger that made her think about staying home but she chose church as a place to come find solace. It reminded me of how people tend to stay away from church when things are not well rather than being in community and sharing the burdens and pain. I’ve done it.

Being sanctuary when life is challenging is one of the best things a church community can be. Every Sunday the love inside the room at 1130 Balclutha is amazing. Invite friends to be a part of it. Be present and don’t miss out. With God, you can.

I look forward to being in your presence Sunday at 10 am.

Rev. Michael Cronin

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