Le quatorze juillet

Bonjour chers amis,

Liberté, fraternité, et égalité! Liberty, fraternity, and equality! Today, our French siblings celebrate their independence and culture. On Metro News UK, it is written that “similar to the American Revolution, the French Revolution was influenced by ideals spread by the Enlightenment movement around the concept of inalienable rights. This included taking back freedoms and challenging the status quo.”

And the movement continues. And the challenges continue. Thank you for being you and playing your part in the liberation story.

Liberation is a process. And we must continually pay attention and not be distracted.

This week, we are looking at Luke:10:38-42, the story of Martha and Mary. A story of hospitality and being distracted, losing sight of what hospitality, kindness, and forgiveness mean. Rev. Dakota Brown will share her reflection on this story with us on Sunday. I look forward to seeing you at 10 am, in person or on Zoom.

À bientôt,
Rev. Michael Cronin

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