As I write to you, Brent and I are settling down at home after the Island United and Congregational Church of Belmont Ash Wednesday service that we hosted. It was a lovely service in which Rev. Jim Mitulski reflected upon Isaiah 58:1-12 in which God declares what sort of fasting is pleasing to Them. He invited us into asking questions, examining what we need to empty ourselves of that will lead us to be the Resurrection, the change in the world today, 2023.

The Lenten theme is “seeking: honest questions for deeper faith.” Each week we will examine the scriptural texts with a different question. This week we ask the question, “Who will you listen to?” as we look at Matthew 4:1-11: “Jesus is Tested in the Wilderness.” We talked about it a little bit to give context to another passage we reflected upon. This week we will look (wait for it!) deeper into the specific text.

I look forward to seeing you – be it on Balclutha or Zoom – at 10 am Sunday. Invite a friend on the journey.

Prick up your ears!
Rev. Michael Cronin

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