Sing a New Song (or an Old one!) Unto our God

What a joy to worship through music and singing this week!  If you were counting, together we sang twenty different pieces of music.  Surely God was in that space.  Some were old standards, some were new to us.  There was a great turnout and you did magnificently.  I hope that if there were special favorites you’d like to repeat (or non-favorites), you will let Anna or me know.  We want to shape worship with a blend of music that feeds us all.

Both spiritually and physiologically, music touches the soul.  Even if you imagine you are not much of a singer, to open your throat and join with others creates a great sense of community – “common unity.”  With the many factors that operate against community, pushing us apart in our present world, singing is one of the few things that people do together, and church is one of the few venues left in which to do it.  Think about it.  Even singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” at the ball park is a community builder!

Medical professionals know that music promotes healing, and that those who have lost many other faculties continue to hear and respond to music from their past.  New music that appeals to contemporary sensibilities is also a factor in creating relevant worship.  What’s more, our worship service full of music was a fitting serenade to send Susan Pearce, Odette Ledesma and Ian Ward off to new adventures.  (Actually, Odette and Ian will be around for another week or two, and Odette will be doing a solo this Sunday, so make it a point to worship at Island.)

May God’s song be in your heart, and may you sing to the world –

Pastor Carol

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