You’ve Got a Friend

Beloved Community,

Last week, I talked about Pentecost as an in-between time. What is in the wake of what was and preparing for what will be. We can end up confused, fearful, and mourning. And, like resurrection and transformation, it is not a one-time occurrence. We are constantly in a state of birth, rebirth, and growth.

And in all of it, who is there? God who became flesh among us through Jesus and breathes through us by the Holy Spirit. God who longs to be in relationship with us. Who through Creation, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit blesses us and continually reveals God’s self to us.

Interrelational, communal, bringing together. For me, this is the purpose of gathering on Sundays. We who seek the Spirit of Truth and Love gather together and bounce off one another, building bonds that help us survive and thrive in a world that can be isolating and bewildering. 

God through the teachings of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit manifests in us. Reminding us that we always have a friend. We are never alone. We are held in truth, love, and grace.

I look forward to seeing you this Trinity Sunday as I reflect upon John 16:12-15 and the work God continues to do through us, together, by the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Michael Cronin

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