Tongues of Fire

Hello Church!

Today, Alexis and I attended the ceremony for the raising of the new, to Foster City, Progress Pride Flag. There was a small but joyful crowd of community members joined to commemorate the beginning of Pride Month. I was proud to know, and that others knew, that Island United was instrumental in getting the first flag raising done in 2019. The Progress Pride Flag (2018), based upon the iconic rainbow flag from 1978, which was relatively new to the world when I was a “gayby”, is a redesign that celebrates the diversity of the LGBTQ community and calls for a more inclusive society. The chevron included in the design connotes “moving forward.”

We are indeed moving forward. We have come through Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. We are celebrating the birth of the church born of the Holy Spirit and moving into the second half of the church year. In the story of those of different languages able to hear and understand each other, there is not only fulfillment of a prophecy but a promise of hope and newness. And God knows we can use moving forward into more celebration, understanding, hope, and newness rather than slipping back into dour, ignorance, despair, and the dead stale ways of being.

For me, this Pentecost and Pridetide are particularly important because at this time last year I was beginning the process of major change in my ministry. I was stepping out from a “comfortable” place into the unknown. Moving forward. And had I not made that decision, I might not have been called to you and your blessing.

“Excelsior! Upward and onward to greater glory!”

I look forward to seeing your tongues of flame and celebratory selves this Sunday at 10 am, in person or on Zoom.

Happy Pentecost & Pridetide,
Rev. Michael Cronin

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