Earth Day 2024

Fellow Earthlings,

As I write to you, it is a lovely 68 degrees. The butterflies are doing their air dance. The hummingbirds are zipping about. The pollen level is moderate … achoo!

The San Francisco Chronicle published an article on April 5 that “climate change is causing high pollen counts to happen earlier and last longer, causing misery for seasonal allergy sufferers.” I hope that you are not one of us!

Speaking of the idea of “one of us”, this Sunday we will be looking at John 10:11-18, also known as “The Good Shepherd”. Jesus talks about knowing his own and his own knowing him, as well as bringing new sheep into the fold. In the multicultural and “think globally, act locally” world of 2024, what does being one of us mean? How can each of us be good shepherds, creating a sense of belonging, extending an invitation or hospitality, celebrating our individual and communal faith journeys, while being good stewards of creation care?

I look forward to sharing some thoughts with you this Sunday at 10 am at 1130 Balclutha, Zoom, or livestream. Invite a friend.

Rev. Michael Cronin

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