Friends of God,

In John 15:1-8 in the New Revised Standard Version Update Edition pericope, Jesus uses “Abide in me and I abide in you“ multiple times. Then I started singing “Abide with me”. And then I got all ‘what’s up with the different preposition usage?’ I sought a quick internet search refresher, and I impart the learning upon you.

I visited the site of the International English Language Testing System teacher, Akram Khan. Here is what he wrote: “There are a number of preposition words that change the meaning of a phrase when used with a particular word. For example, you can use “Abide” with different prepositions, and you will get a different meaning every time. You can see the examples below:”

1.  Abide at (place)
Example: I will abide at the railway station till the train arrives.

2Abide in (house)
Example: They have been abiding in my house for the last three years.

3Abide by (decision)
Example: She will abide by my decision positively.

4.  Abide with (person)
Example: He will abide with his friend Sara in all circumstances.

God lives in us, and God endures with us. 1 John 4:16 says “God is love. Those who live in God’s love live in God, and God lives in them.” There is work to be done around the love stuff. And then there’s the vineyard and pruning.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday at 10 am at 1130 Balclutha or on Zoom and livestream as I delve deeper into the text that starts with “I am the true vine, and my Abba is the vine grower.”

With love,
Rev. Michael Cronin

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