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Happy Thanksgiving, Pilgrims on the Journey!

I want to share my gratitude for each of you and the ways you show up. I feel blessed by you and our first year together. And, talking turkey, we have a lot of work to do and a bright future ahead.

This Sunday, we begin the Season of Advent. The theme for this year is “Generation to Generation” – a chronological storyline of the events leading up to and following Christ’s birth. We will hone in on all the humans involved in the story.

From the creators of the Advent series: “Despite the challenges and vulnerability she faced, Mary could glimpse the scale and scope of the good news she was part of bringing forth. This good news transcends time and space – it was and is bigger than just her. Christ is coming for collective liberation: God’s redemption is at work for years to come. Therefore, the promise is meant to be lived out and passed on from generation to generation.

We are invited to look at the characters in our scriptures and wonder: What did each character pass on or contribute? How did each character participate in God’s liberation and love? Which characters try to thwart God’s justice, and what can we learn from them? What is our role now? What is our generation’s task? What will we carry forth, and what should we leave behind?”

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, however you celebrate. I look forward to seeing you Sunday at 10 am at 1130 Balclutha or on Zoom. Invite a friend to share in the Advent journey!

Rev. Michael Cronin

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