Since we gathered on Sunday after the announcement of the Hamas’ strike on Israel, there has been an Israeli retaliation in the Gaza Strip. As I write this, there is a body count of 2,300 children of God whose lives have been taken by children of God in the name of God. And God weeps.

In this seemingly intractable situation, it can be hard to find words, and we can be left paralytic with inaction. We sit in shock. In this week’s scripture from the Gospel of Matthew 22:1-14, there is a short sentence: “They were silent.” Rather than be silent, we are called to “clothe ourselves with love” (Col. 3:14) and to take action as each of us is able. To bring peace.

In these days, it is important to surround ourselves with the love community, to realize that community is broader than our walls and geographic location. I invite you to reach out to a friend and invite them to 1130 Balclutha or Zoom this Sunday at 10 am. Rather than being silent, we will pray, sing, and love toward peace.

Rev. Michael Cronin

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