Rooted in Love


Last Sunday, we celebrated Homecoming Sunday. The choir returned with their offering of “Home” from The Wiz, featuring Wendy Tobias. Rowe & Tim provided a truly delicious rainbow-themed vegan buffet. Thank you, Rowe & Tim! I continue to look forward as our loved ones return from their travels and share their stories.

We mentioned that we began our season of stewardship with the theme “Rooted in Love”. As the community garden begins to take shape and Challenge School prepares the space for school to begin in October, I’m excited to see what our roots of love will produce.

This weekend, the UCC is commemorating the annual Just Peace Sunday. The website post says, “Just Peace is not a destination, but a path requiring awareness and constant vigilance to resolve existing and developing conflict in ourselves, our families, our communities, our institutions, and our world. This path requires non-violence when possible and even when impossible to engage in love and restraint. Just Peace envisions a renewed, vibrant, diverse, and sustainable world free of violence.”

It seems as though our “I’ve been meaning to ask…” work this summer keeps fruiting with opportunity. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday at 10 am at 1130 Balclutha or on Zoom as we reflect upon Matthew 18:21-35 – “The Parable of Forgiveness”.

Rev. Michael Cronin

P.S. Please set aside a moment tomorrow – September 15 – to hold 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, and the memory of the four little girls – Addie May Collins, Carol Denise McNair, Cynthia Wesley, and Carole Rosamond Robertson, as well as the surviving sister Sarah Collins Rudolph in prayer on this 60th year since the hateful event. May we pray for love to take root in the heart filled with hate.

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