Who’s in?


Last week, Rev. Dr. Penny Nixon reflected upon the who, what, where, why, and how we see things in the world. She talked about systems that create poverty and keep people in poverty. Religious institutions play a part in that.

This week, we commemorate World Communion Sunday – promoting Christian unity and ecumenical cooperation. This is the 90th year, and there is still much work to be done, especially with the use of communion as a power play to determine who is in or out vs. a powerful experience that transcends space and time into a unity of all.

We will be looking at Matthew 21:23-32, a question of faith, authority, and who gets to decide. I look forward to seeing you at 10 am on Balclutha or on Zoom. As always, our call as a community is to invite, to welcome in. You are that call and welcome.

With love,
Rev. Michael Cronin

P.S. Please consider attending and inviting a friend to the Chinedu Okobi memorial at 2 pm on Sunday.

Until the killing of black men, black mother’s sons
Is as important as the killing of white men, white mother’s sons
We who believe in freedom cannot rest
– Ella’s Song, Bernice Johnson Reagon – Sweet Honey in the Rock

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