Shelter Network

Shelter Networks’s programs focus is on providing support for families and single adults, like job training and housing search assistance, but they find it just as important to meet the day-to-day needs of homeless men, women, and children that they serve.  For these families and individuals, losing their home also meant losing many of the other basic necessities that many of us take for granted.  Whatever we contribute helps support the work of the shelter and families who need temporary care.  We are helping families become self sufficient again.

Let us take time to think of the children of First Step for Families of Shelter Network.  The high school begins on middle of August and the younger ones it will be the end of the month.  The focus is for BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES.
Suggested items:
    pencils, pens and erasers
    art supplies
    composition books
    glue and scissors
    back packs

Deliveries will be made as needed.  So bring your items to church on Sunday to help the children. 

dirty/stained, torn, broken or items needing repair
expired canned food or opened/used food
car seats, cribs, stroller
curtains/curtain rods, feathered bedding, table linens and napkins
decorative dishes,carpeting, rugs
candles, knick-knacks, wine glasses, alcohol
used hygiene products
VHS players, R rated movies
large sports equipment

If you have any questions, concerns and would like to help, let me know.

Norma Searle

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