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So much going on!

Thank you for the beautiful installation service and reception last Saturday. Our guests had a great time. I had a great time. I hope you did as well. We are now officially conjoined in covenant with a future full of hope.

Today is Maundy Thursday, the commemoration of the Last Supper prior to Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion. Tonight, we will be joining other local UCC churches at the Congregational Church of the Peninsula to sing “The Last Supper” sequence from Jesus Christ Superstar, receive Holy Communion, and sing some more. We’ve planned a beautiful Good Friday service at the Congregational Church of San Mateo featuring reflections on The Seven Last Words paired with excerpts from MLK, Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, a result of his arrest on what is called The Good Friday March. We will all convene again for a Holy Saturday Vigil at College Heights UCC. We hope to deepen our relationships with God and each other as we commemorate these important moments toward the Resurrection of Easter.

We like to sing “… the thrill of hope…” when referring to Jesus’ birth and Christmas. Easter, too, is an entering into hope. Hate, oppression, and death do not have the last word. We always have the opportunity to begin again, to be born anew.

I hope you will join in person, Zoom, or Livestream for the Holy Week services at 7 pm. I look forward to celebrating the Risen One on Sunday at 10 am – be it in person, Zoom, or Livestream – as we welcome guest vocalist and friend Carly Ozard.

Always looking on the bright side of life (even though I can’t whistle),
Rev. Michael Cronin

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