Songs of loudest praise

Fellow Revelers,

This Sunday, we will wave palms and sing loud hosannas in commemoration of Palm Sunday. Hosanna, save us! We are on the last stops as we ride the rails of faith with Peter.

This is a moment in Scripture (John 12:12-16) when Peter is not explicitly mentioned in his travels with Jesus. So, we have to imagine. Is he part of the procession contingent, maybe walking with the other disciples behind Jesus as he rides in on the donkey colt? Or maybe an onlooker, waving palms and singing, “hosanna!”? As we prepare for Sunday, I invite you to think of a moment when you might have been at a parade, a concert, or a large gathering where the energy of the crowd and the moment engulfed and swept you up.

I think of San Francisco Pride Parades – marching with different contingents, being greeted and propelled by the nearly 1 million celebrating bodies, and being in the raucous crowd along Market Street, waving, hooting, and hollering in celebration as the contingents pass. They are different and yet same experiences – moments of time that become etched in memory and future tales.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday at 10 am at 1130 Balclutha or on Zoom or Livestream as we hoot and holler in the sanctuary, commemorating this moment in time. Spread the excitement; tell a friend.

Rev. Michael Cronin

P.S. Please consider attending the Maundy Thursday (Belmont), Good Friday (CCSM), and Holy Saturday Vigil (College Heights) services as we travel through the Passion into Easter. Not doing so leaves a gap in your experience!

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