Hey God, are You there?

Dear Ones,

In our day-to-day lives and all the goings-on in the world, it is easy to lose sight of God’s presence in our lives. Sometimes, we wonder if we are even seen. It can be defeating.

Even in those moments when we might feel disconnected or disenfranchised, remember that God sees you, hears you, and loves you. God never gives up on you. In these moments, I also like to remind myself of the beauty that surrounds me and that kindness is….

Last week, we asked, “Where does it hurt?” and “What makes your heart hurt?” This week we continue with the question “Where is God in the midst of this?” We examine Mark 1:29-34, 40-45 and the stories of Jesus healing people, his wanting to be under the radar, and his being exposed.

I look forward to being with you at 10 am Sunday at 1130 Balclutha or on Zoom.

See you then!
Rev. Michael Cronin

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