Peace in the weariness

People of Peace,

How is your waiting going? As we enter into the Second Sunday of Advent, aka Peace Sunday, there is so much conflict going on. There were seven days of truce during the Israel-Hamas conflict for which there was hope of continuation and further releasing of hostages. Failed. The GOP has rejected aid to Ukraine in order to push forward border policies. The US declared that the warring factions in Sudan – the war the world forgot – have committed war crimes.

And a Happy Holiday to you, Michael…

What brings you peace in times of trouble? This week our subtheme is “We find joy in connection.” I believe that is true. In my most trying of times, moments where I have or have wanted to isolate, it has been the accountability through community that has kept despair at bay – moving me back into hope and joy. Isolation builds insulation that prevents accountability. Isolation creates loneliness and intensifies the burdens of life. Isolation breaks the spirit. It is a tactic used by an abuser to maintain power.

Connection. I believe that is the primary reason we come together. We maintain our connection to God through our connection to each other, our seeing God in each other.

This Sunday, we have Rev. Deborah Lee – Executive Director of Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity – and two people directly impacted by CA detention prisons joining us as we look at Luke 1:24-56 – Mary’s Announcement to Elizabeth and the Magnificat. I hope you will join us on Balclutha, Zoom, or livestream at 10 am. Share with a friend.

Keep connecting!
Rev. Michael Cronin

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