Summer Days Drifting Away


Can you believe summer is almost over? This past weekend at Island United was busy!

We had a wonderful Healing Service to release anything that keeps us from being our fully wonderfully made selves. I hope you feel a sense of renewal. We also represented at, as well as sponsored, Foster City Summer Days (see pics near the bottom of the enews). Mayor Richa Awasthi stopped by and thanked us for offering the healing service to the community. We also had a number of people interested in the church. Thanks to all who participated!

Next week is Labor Day. Homecoming Sunday is September 18: Invite someone new or someone who hasn’t been around in a while. Come October, we shall have been together for one year. And dare I say, only 122 days until Christmas?

Where has the time gone?

I look forward to seeing your beautiful faces, in person or online, this Sunday at 10 am.

Rev. Michael Cronin

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