Pray Their Names Recap

pray their names

At our church this afternoon. Thank You Ed, Paul, Denzel, Sophie, Elisabeth, Alexis, Doris, Machiko, , Brian, Huijun, for helping and attending. (Forgive me for leaving names out by mistake)

Thank you to the 40 or so who turned out in the heat and sun to bless the Pray Their Names installation at Island United Church of Foster City this afternoon artist Katie Morrison, church council president Alexis Lewis, Foster Vity vounbilor and diversity champion Sam Hindi, Rev’s Penny NixonMarlyn BusseyElisabeth Middelberg were among them thank you readers of the Names.

A highlight was Amaka Okobi, mother of Chinedu, who was remembered on one of the hearts. We made a strong statement; #blacklivesmatter. Many people walked the installation. I engaged one neighbor who didn’t like this display in our neighborhood because it was “Marxist” though she couldn’t say why exactly.

See a full photo gallery of the day on our Facebook page.

Rev. Jim.

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