Singing stories of hope and making room

People of Love,

I trust you have been staying warm and dry during the recent rains. The stories coming out of Gaza about people sleeping amidst rubble, on the streets, without blankets, as winter besets the land is heartbreaking. As the numbers rise, with no sense of an end to any of the wars in sight, we look to hope, peace, joy, and love more than ever. We sing and open up to make room in our hearts for what is already here. LOVE

This Sunday morning at 10 am, the Fourth Sunday of Advent, we will revisit Mary’s Magnificat along with the rarely heard Zechariah’s Song. Songs of promise, change, and praise. At 6 pm, Christmas Eve, we will reconvene to make room for, and invite in, the good news with lessons and carols. I look forward to seeing you on Balclutha, Zoom, or on livestream. Invite a friend, send some good cheer!

Love is the answer,
Rev. Michael Cronin

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